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Bride And Groom Wedding Favor Boxes

Wedding favor boxes determine what you bring. This ides also lift the values of the gift. This means that how expansive and how great you’re present, it will be nothing if you do not cover them beautifully. Then, what is the solution to make it wonderful? The box is the best answer for this question. Nowadays, the paper and the ribbon are out of date for the present. So that, the boxes favor of the wedding with the hard material paper will help you to hide what is inside.

On the magazine of the wedding, they present the latest pattern of the boxes with the best detail. They use the ethnic theme on the surface and the ribbon also in some variants. Moreover, they also have some shapes that you can choose. Generally, there are two shapes: first is the square and the second is the tube.

Wedding favor boxes with the square shape is Black & White Gift Boxes. For the measure is IN-3/7438 and you can purchase it only in $3.50. The concept of these boxes is an elegant style. It has two colors on the items: black and white, and then, the ethnic detail can be shown on the pattern of the curving around the surface. You can book this item on the internet too. They provide some variants with the same detail and pattern.

Top Hat Boxes

Wedding favor boxes with the tube is the alternative. You can put your gift there without worrying any fracas to break your items. One of the favors of the boxes wedding is Top Hat Favor Boxes. The size is IN-13648805 and the price is $12.99/Dozen. Even though the shape is tube, but the additional part makes this item as like as the hat. Then, you can find out the same variant and the detail on the internet or the magazine.

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