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Honey wedding favors become quite common nowadays. Rather than using inedible favors, the edible ones can be looked forward to by the guests even when the wedding is over. Wedding is the sweetest day of all days between couples, so why not share your sweetness to the guests in different form? For this reason, honey favors are the best of all. They are not ordinary-looking bottles of honey. Honey favors for wedding are often made into unique-looking ones. Let’s see below.

Honey Favors from E+M Wedding Favors

One of companies which offer unique honey wedding favors is E+M Wedding Favors. Starting from the honey itself, it is made from nectars collected in early spring. That is why it is called Spring Wildflower Honey. It has clear color and sweet taste as well. For this honey, E+M Wedding Favors compact it in glass jars, perfect to see what’s inside.

Honey wedding favors from this company as it was said earlier have a unique look. What makes it unique is of course due to its decoration. Normally, honey favors are only placed in a jar without any significant thing except the company’s brand or logo. However, this company comes up with cards to décor it. The cars are attached by using little rope or ribbon and are written by phrases like sweet as honey, sweeter than honey, and other sweet words.

Other than that, this company also makes the lid look chic with flower patterned cloth. Furthermore, the jars also appear in different shape. It uses round jar, pot, or hexagonal jar’s shape in their products. Doesn’t it look good to have them in the guests’ table? The writer is sure that they will like this kind of idea. It even seems like you are welcoming them to the fullest. This company sure has amazing honey wedding favors.

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