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Wedding favor bags is the best thing that you can offer to your guest in your special moments, especially in your wedding. Then, you can share your happiness by creating the wedding bags in beach style. That you should realize that some people do not want to use the favors because they think that it is not cool. Then, you can change their mind through your wedding.

First thing that you can do is talking about the theme and what shape that you want to offer. In this occasion, the bag with the beach theme is the coolest theme. For inspiration, you can search some designs from the internet about the style of the sailor bags. That will be no way to say out of date because everyone loves the sailor. In addition, the favor wedding of the bags will be more amazing if you modify your name there with the word gothic.

Wedding favor bags with the beach theme can be “Voyages” Anchor Muslin Favor Bag”. The manufacture presents this on one set which consists of 12 sets. Through this design, you do not only give your guests the bag but also the long life time function. Then, they will get the advantages through your creation.

The Anchor Draws

Wedding favor bags with other design is the starfish with two straps. This is the trendy style because the correlation of the color and the drawing. It is like the common bags with two straps and the color domination id black. Yet, it has a drawing of the blue starfish. Then, you can manage the picture with the style of the anime or others. It will look like cute. At least, the children also can use it for their school. These bags of the wedding favor will surprise your visitors in your wedding.

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