The Unique wedding flower ideas

Cheap Wedding Flower Ideas

Wedding flower ideas is going to be something important for the wedding celebration. Flower bouquet as the one of tradition, complement, and the important elements to build the term, or the romantic and sweet atmosphere in the wedding decoration. Today, flower bouquet is not only made by the real flower but from another material from paper, button, broche, cotton, silk and so on. The creative florist always tries to make an extraordinary bouquet.

The shape of bride’s bouquet

Generally, the wedding popular bouquet idea is made in several shapes there are cascading, modern style, hand tied, nosegay, flower spray, pomander, and biedermeier. The first modern style is the bouquet that modifying in to the modern arrangement and not only made by real flower. Pomander is round bouquet and wear ribbon in the wrist. Cascading is a bouquet with flower that trailing down from the top bouquet. Nosegay has round shape and has crudely foot.

The wedding flower ideas that commonly choose by bride is the hand tied shape. Hand tied is usually consisting of wild flowers, or consist with flower that have long stemmed flower. Then, flower spray bouquet particularly used as the decoration of the tent pillar. Biedermeier is made in the round. Particularly this kind is made in the same color, and in use same flower that do not combine with other flower species.

The unique wedding flower ideas

Today the material of flower bouquet ideas is not only for the real flower. First is the paper flower bouquet, they use origami to make flower for paper. The second wedding bouquet ideas are succulents where the cactus or aloe that arrange in the nosegay style. Then, feathers can be some complement of flower bouquet. It can make the flower look more glamorous. Even the tootle fruity ideas, it is the combination between the flowers and some fruits like apple, berries, citrus or another sweet looking fruits. That is some of wedding flower ideas.

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