The Extraordinary Blue Wedding Flowers

Baby Blue Wedding Flowers

Blue wedding flowers are extraordinary ideas for the hand bouquet of bride in the wedding ceremony, because a bride mostly choose the brighter color like yellow, white or pink. Bride that really loved blue color will take the extraordinary blue flower or brides that want to have blue terms as the flower decoration or the hand bouquet in her wedding celebration. Before Bride decides to choose the arrangement of blue wedding bouquet, it will be good if she knows some flower in the blue color.

The blue flower for wedding bouquet

The first flower in the blue is Hyacinth blubs, this flower is blossom in the long of spring from March to April. Hyacinth is the most beautiful blue flower until in 7 March is the official world Hyacinth day. This flower will be good to arrange in the blue wedding bouquet or in the corsage. The bride that brings this flower in her hand will be feeling so honor. This flower is not only growing in the blue, but also red, violet, white, orange, pink and yellow.

The second blue wedding flowers is Hydrangea. Hydrangea is a small flowers that grow together and make this flower look like larger ball. The color of this flower is depend on the ph of the soil. This flower will be good to be the floral arrangement. Then, another blue flower is Lupine. Lupine is amazing tall plants that have gorgeous blue flower. This flower will be suit for formal bouquet arrangements.

Blue Morning Glory is the kind of vine plants. The shape of this flower is like a trumpet and it has blue metallic brighter color. This is will be so good if we take it as the decoration of the tent or the wall where the wedding celebration. There are some flowers that will be good for the blue wedding flowers.

Blue Wedding Flowers Centerpieces

Blue Wedding Flowers Ideas

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Light Blue Wedding Flowers

Navy Blue Wedding Flowers

Gallery of The Extraordinary Blue Wedding Flowers

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