Making DIY Wedding Flowers by Taking Texture into Consideration

Diy Wedding Flower Bouquets

DIY wedding flowers are not as hard as it looks. You can even make it on your own by doing practices and by not afraid of making your own flowers combination. In order to make your own wedding flowers, you will only need simple tools like scissor, floral tape, pin, and ribbon. Of course, you will need to prepare some flowers blossom in one season with the color choice that you like.

How to make DIY wedding flowers?

Well, making do-it-yourself wedding flowers might take quite a time for beginners to be able to produce fine designs. Even so, it is not impossible. Let’s start by making the simple one. Remember, texture is very important here for you cannot just add random colored flower one after another. For starter, let’s try adding the basic natural color like white with other color. Make the white as the majority and add other colored flowers to give additional touch.

DIY wedding flowers can be started by taking this into mind before hand. Let’s start the step by step. First, take three flowers and cut the stem so that they can have the same height. Then, tie them with floral tape. Do it again with other flowers if you intend to make a big one. After that, put those three packed flowers into one big pack. Try to add small touch with berries, for example. You don’t always have to put all flowers in it.

Once you put all of them on your palm of hand, tie them with floral tape once again. By doing this, there will be no loose flower and all are tied densely. When it is done, wrap the stems with the ribbon to make it look nice and hide the untidy stems. There you go. This is a simple way to make DIY wedding bouquet. Now, you have learned and made your own DIY wedding flowers.

Diy Wedding Flower Centerpiece Ideas

Diy Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Diy Wedding Flower Crown

Diy Wedding Flowers Cost

Diy Wedding Flowers Costco

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