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Chocolate wedding favors are another gift thing you can give on your wedding to your guests. This is another sweet thing you can give instead of honey wedding favors. Chocolate is liked by many people. When you receive such a gift, didn’t you smile and feel grateful toward the ones who give it to you? That is why chocolate for wedding favors can be a great idea for a gift to the guests on your wedding day. Furthermore, it appears in various appearances.

The Looks of Chocolate Wedding Favors

There are many chocolate favors for wedding you can pick as you wish. They sure appear in various looks and are always designed in many forms with various designs as well. Let the writer give you some examples here. The first is called Bride and Groom Decadent Chocolate Apples. This one is especially cute in its design. As the name suggests, the form is like making an almost round chocolate in the uppermost stick to slip off down to the lowest part of the stick.

Chocolate wedding favors like this one are made with design that resembles wedding gown and tuxedo. The one inspired by wedding gown is made by white or brown base color then is added with swirls of white lines that resemble gown’s lace or accessory. As for the one inspired by wedding tuxedo, it is made with white milk color for the collar and dark brown color for the coat, necktie, and buttons.

Another example of this kind of wedding favors is Personalized Chocolate Lollipops. As the name suggests, it looks exactly like a lollipop. It is made just by changing the candy on the uppermost stick with a round flat chocolate. Moreover, since it is labeled as personalized, you can design the chocolate with some writings or your photos on it. Below it, the ribbon is nicely tied on your stick to add a chick look too. You can always make your guests smile with these chocolate wedding favors.

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