Indian Wedding Favors: the Gift and the Prayer of Good Luck

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Indian wedding favors are pretty amazing on their own way. If you are thinking of giving more than a gift thing to your guests, how about trying Indian’s wedding favors? Well, actually they appear in various forms. Some might just be the same as the common wedding favors. However, Indian’s has certain favor that can serve as both gift and prayer. Are you interested in it? Then, let’s discuss it below.

Indian’s Elephant Tea Light Holder Wedding Favor

Indeed, Indian styled wedding favors can vary greatly. However, the ones which include elephant as part of or even the main design have some kinds of meaning behind it. Many people in the East believe that elephant is the symbol of power, longevity, patience, wisdom, and luck. The elephant which raises its trunk especially is the symbol of good luck. Don’t you think it is amazing? You can find its example in Elephant Tea Light Holder.

Indian wedding favors like this one will the best gift the guests ever receive. Giving it to them is like praying them a good luck in their life. If they know the meaning behind it, they will appreciate your gift so much and happily accept it. Furthermore, Elephant Tea Light Holder is actually pretty amazing in its design. It is made out of the replica of white elephant with saddle on its back. The light holder is made like a box with round part in the middle for a candle to fit in.

This light holder box is placed on top of the saddle. Moreover, at the end of the rug which is usually placed below the saddle, there is lipped part on each side of the elephant that can hold a card or photo. What else can you ask from this kind of favors? It is a nice gift to the guests on your wedding day and it is also a good luck prayer for them. This sure is one of amazing Indian wedding favors.

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