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Beach wedding favors is talking about the elements of the sea. This design can be some optional to all you during in your best opportunity time in your life, such as the wedding, the happy return, the engagement and etc. For this wedding beach, the accessories of the handmade create some artistic models. Then, the materials of these items are dominated by the elements of the sea such as the anchor, the corals, the pictures of the sunrise, the sunset, and so on.

Moreover, the handmade accessories designs also provide some additional materials to modify the anchors, the corals or the sands. Starting from the anchor, they are designing the small bag with the pictures of the anchor whether in 3 D or not. Then, they give some touching in the gradation of the color such as the bright blue.

Beach wedding favors with the coral becomes the difficult one. It happens because there is no the same coral in shapes. That is why the manufacture cannot guarantee the same size in every detail for the coral. But they make sure that the quality of the design are still the same. In addition, the coral shapes also mean the seal. This is the common wedding favors of the beach. In fact, some people also like this design.

Added Other Instruments

Beach wedding favors with the sands instrument are the popular one. Usually the elements of the sands are gathered with the glasses. This happens because the glass will keep the sands well and everyone can see the moves of the sands when it is shaking. One of the creations with sand for the beach favors of the beach is an anchor bottle with the sand. You can purchase this item only with $1.30 per unit. The size in like a small glass and this has a drawing of the anchor.

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