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Some designers of wedding dresses add feathers on their work. Feathers wedding dress is a stylish wedding gown that has recently emerged and become a trend for the bride. In Europe, wedding dress with feather is a popular fashion. Since some of the previous century, feather has been used as additional accessories for hats, headdresses, etc. Therefore, it is natural that fashion trends re-emerged with a feather especially in wedding dress and then became a public concern.

Wedding Dress Parts To Be Added With Feathers

In wedding dress added with feather, the feather added into various parts of the dress. Typically, feather added to the bottom of the dress. Feather is arranged to cover the entire skirt. Unisex feather added to upper half of the skirt. It is usually because of the type of wedding such as mermaid style wedding dress. In addition to be added to the skirt, there is also the type of wedding gown that adds feather in the upper part of the gown. In addition, there is also the added feather in the chest and only added to the breast covers fabric. In addition, there is also a kind of feather that covers the entire shoulders so that it becomes like a short vest.

White Feather And Black Feather

Typically, feather wedding dress is using a white feather. This is because generally designed wedding dress made into a white cloth. However, there is also a kind of white wedding dress is added with black feather. In this case, the feather is added does not cover the whole dress, but only in certain parts of it and made rarely. Some designers make wedding dresses with black feather. What do you think? Are you interested in trying the black feather wedding gown?

You or even the designers may be already familiar with white wedding dress decorated with beads and laces. Therefore, some designers try to design feather wedding dress in order to provide work that is different from the usual. Using a feather wedding gown will not be more beautiful by using beads. Instead of feather attached to the dress will not affect the weight of the dress when you wear because basically feather wedding dress are light and not make tour moved felt weight. In addition, the feather is added to the dress will waggle that will beautify your graceful motion.

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