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Birdcage Centerpieces For Weddings

Selection centerpieces for wedding can be said to bother easy. Basically, centerpieces do not have to be filled with flowers. You can also meet with the frame table, candles, balloons, and more. If you want to look different and have its own characteristics, you can create your own wedding centerpiece at will or in accordance with the theme of the wedding reception. Moreover, making your own wedding centerpiece also serves to reduce the spending of cost decoration. Here are tips to make your own wedding centerpiece.

How to Make your Wedding Centerpieces

Note the color! Color is important thing in the selection of centerpieces. Proper centerpieces should be able to liven up a room or table. Selection of the wrong color can make the collision of color that would ruin the atmosphere. Therefore, before choosing centerpieces, consider the round color first, such as color tablecloths, color decor of the room, and more.

In addition to beautiful, you can take advantage of wedding centerpiece with other functions. If you use candles as centerpieces for wedding, these candles can double as lighting or as an insect repellent on the coffee table. You can also use fruits that are arranged for your wedding centerpieces. Besides being a wedding centerpiece, guests can also use it as a dessert.

Make centerpieces for wedding as exciting as possible! Currently, there are still many people who use fresh flowers to make a wedding centerpiece. Therefore, be creative and create the invited guests were stunned with the results of your own work. Choose materials are cheap and easy to obtain. Take advantage of the objects around you. You can create centerpieces in the form of a flower arrangement of a collection of old newspapers that are arranged to form flowers. These centerpieces can be saved as a table decoration or stored in some corner of the room.

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