Beautiful Wedding Décor with Simple Wedding Centerpieces

Simple Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

Creating a centerpiece for wedding is not that complicated. Some ideas of how to make the simple wedding centerpieces we bring for you in this page. Instead, you can decorate these simple wedding centerpiece designs easily. The materials to make these centerpieces are easy to find. Furthermore, it will be able to dazzle your wedding decoration stunningly.

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

The first simple wedding centerpiece idea you can set as your wedding decoration is the centerpiece placed in the basket. Here, you need some kinds of fresh flowers and vines also dried branches. Besides, you also need to prepare a basket or some. Then, arrange the flowers and vines interestingly so it depicts alluring combination. Finally, place the flower arrangement to the basket. The dried branches you can twist so it can be used as the handle of the basket by inserting the branch ends into the dish.

Then next simple wedding centerpieces you can use for sophisticating your special wedding décor are by utilizing the transparent glass as the vases. Choose the tall slim glass designs that are shaped awesomely. After that, you can put a bouquet of flowers or a stick of fresh flower, depends on the vase dimensions. But before inserting the flowers, you need to fill the vase with fresh water in order to protect the freshness of the flowers.

Additionally, if you want the lovelier simple wedding centerpieces, you can create a floating centerpiece design. What you need to prepare here are some serving bowls in some measurements. Then, fill the bowls with water. After that, put the adrift flowers you love and the aromatherapy candles on the bowls. The flowers you can set to the bowls are roses, lily, sun flowers and many more. For creating pretentious centerpiece design, arrange the flowers as decorative as colorful. Instead, you can add some green accents to make it more refreshing.

Simple Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

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Simple Wedding Centerpieces Budget

Simple Wedding Centerpieces Diy

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Gallery of Beautiful Wedding Décor with Simple Wedding Centerpieces

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