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Wedding favor ideas is about how to cheer up your guests. This is as the same as choosing appropriate dress for your wedding. That is why you have to think carefully to elect the best items in your events. Some options have already displayed by some manufactures of the handmade. Unfortunately, they only give you the option without telling you which one is good for your agenda.

Then, you can use these advices to prefer ides of wedding favor. At least, there are three things that you should considers; first is the theme of your wedding, second is the color of the items, and the last is the shape of the things. Starting from the first is that the correlation of the theme and the wedding favor. If you embrace the elegant wedding theme, you can choose the small bag namely favor bag. This is really fascinating to your wedding with the shape and written down of the worth word.

Worth Words

Wedding favor ideas with the consideration of the color also becomes the necessary part. The color will express the hope of your wedding, and then, it is better to elect bright color to show how cheer up is your feeling to your guests. Perhaps, red, bright green, and yellow can be the optional colors. In fact, the wedding color of favor ideas also impact to your guests to share their feeling to you. Yet, you have to think also with the written down of the worth words. That is like a motivation and you can try with the word, ”Sweet love, the relation of the god, love is colorful and etc”.

Wedding favor ideas with the relation of the shape can be the importance one. You can define the shape that you want based on two things; abstract and concrete. The abstract thing seems like bag, bubble bottle, and etc, while concrete things are like fans-parasols, chocolate, and etc.

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